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I have tried to do business with them a few times and always found it frustrating at best. I would like to support a local small business, but he really.....

really makes it difficult. I went in there today to inquire about a recent firearm I had purchased on-line and was having shipped to his business. Now, I have never purchased a firearm on-line and had it shipped to an FFL before so I was unsure of the procedure. The owner was sitting at the counter working on paperwork.

I immediately got the impression my presence was at best a bother to him. After he decided I had waited an adequate amount of time he graced me with a "What do you want?" I informed him that I had recently purchased a firearm on-line and it was to be shipped to his store. I asked him what all would be needed to fulfill the order. He proceeded to give me short sharp answers (that would have been perfect for someone who had shipped firearms 20 or 30 times before) but were rather useless to someone who had just stated it was the first time they had had a firearm shipped.

So finally I was able to pry from him that the shipping company should be sending me a confirmation number that I needed to bring to him the day after I got it. OK. So again in my attempts to help out a small business I asked about buying ammo for the firearm. At first he told me they don't have any.

OK..... is it something you can order?. Yes........ OK........

If I was looking to get 880 rounds how much would it be?........ It varies day to day and we usually only get that in 100 round packages............ OK........ CAN you get two cans of it (which equals 880 rounds)?............

Yes.......... OK......... How much would it be?...............Then he tells me about some other place that probably still sells it. OK, message received, don't want to do business with me, take my business elsewhere.

Will do. After I pickup my firearm that will be the last time I darken that establishment's doorway with my business.

*UPDATE* - So, after waiting nearly two weeks for my firearm to be delivered and for the sender to send me confirmation (as the owner at Wanamaker Guns informed me they would) I contacted the seller who stated that per the UPS records the firearm was DELIVERED two days BEFORE I went in to Wanamaker Guns and asked them if it had arrived. OOPSE guess when you won't even take time to talk to your customers you can't see if you can help them.

HORRIBLE experience and waist of my time. I will absolutely not return.

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I took a pistol to them to clean for me and finally got it back in three weeks I figured it would look like a new gun as long as he had it but when I got it back I looked at it and I don't know as it was ever cleaned he might have put a little oil on it and called it cleaned

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